Download Google Chrome 2020 for Linux

By | July 6, 2019

Google chrome 2020 | Download Google Chrome 2020 for Linux – Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers today in various parts of the world. However, Google Chrome 2020 for Linux is missing from the official Ubuntu repository, as Google Chrome is not open source software, although it is free. There is underlying support for Chromium browser, which is used as the modified engine of Google Chrome, to make it more safe and fast.

Google Chrome 2020

Google Chrome 2020 for Linux

Google Chrome 2020 for Linux is a popular open source web browser developed by the renowned Google company using the most widely used WebKit rendering engine in various web browsers. The open source project itself is called Chromium, which is a distinctive feature of Google Chrome. So, for the Linux version, no one has provided the name Google Chrome in the official repository, it’s all Chromium. Thus, there are some significant differences between Google Chrome and Chromium both in terms of features and security.

Google Chrome is a very fast, stable, simple and secure web browser created for today’s modern network. Such a simple display makes it intuitive for all users when accessing various websites using the Google Chrome 2020 web browser. with support for many extensions makes it so loved by many people. Not only does the bookmark system, which can be integrated into various devices with a single account, make it convenient.

In almost all Linux distributions, you will find that Mozilla Firefox is installed by default. If you want to use Google Chrome for Linux, you will know that Chrome is not available in the Ubuntu software Center or other software Centers. But installing Google Chrome on Linux is not that difficult.

The Chrome browser in Linux is a bit different from the Chrome browser in Windows, but the feature is that in Windows it is chrome, and in Linux it is Chromium, so if the new ones don’t understand it is chrome, but it is different, but it can be seen on the display and its function remains the same as in Windows.

Download Google Chrome 2020 for Linux

Download Google Chrome 2020 for Linux

Google Chrome 2020 feature for the latest Linux version

Speed: Chrome is specially designed to be fast, safe and stable in every way, so that it is friendly and useful for loyal Linux users. Google Chrome for Linux can load web pages as fast as lightning fast, and run complex web applications quickly and accurately, so you don’t have to wait for old ones. Learn more about Chrome and speed in various other articles.

Simplicity: Chrome’s main browser window looks clean, intuitive, thin and simple, making it so friendly. Chrome also supports many features designed to be easy and efficient to use, so it’s easy to access a variety of existing tools. For example, you can easily search and organize from a single window, and quickly and easily arrange tabs however you like.

Security: Chrome 2020 for linux is specially designed to protect you from various dangerous and safe threats on the Internet with built-in malware that can damage and steal your data. web phishing protection, automatic dates to ensure automatic browser updates with the latest security updates and many other interesting features. Learn more about this in the chrome security features in other related articles.

below we have provided a google chrome 2020 installation package for you loyal Linux users. please download on the link and install it on your device.

Download Google Chrome 2020 for Linux

File Name: Google Chrome 2020 for linux
Category: Web Browser
License: Freeware
Supported Operating System :  Linux (Ubuntu, Debian,  Linux Mint, Fedora, Open Suse)

Download Google Chrome 2020 for Linux Debian (.deb) | Download Here

Download Google Chrome 2020 for Linux Fedora/ Open SUSE (.RPM) | Download Here

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