How to Make Google Chrome 2020 Faster on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7

By | July 6, 2019 | How to Make Google Chrome 2020 Faster – Google Chrome is one of the main products of Google for web browsers, which still remains the most popular and widely used in various countries, so it is called one of the fastest, stable and secure browsers at present, in addition to Mozilla Firefox. The Speed up Google Chrome of browsing the various web pages and Internet pages of Google Chrome is not as high as that of Mozilla Firefox, they both have an unexpected speed compared to most other browsers.

Not only are the regular users of desktops or laptops that make Google Chrome their main flagship browser, but also smartphone users that are now widespread, especially Android. No wonder why so many people from all over the world, including you, remain faithful to using Google Chrome as an Internet browser because this browser has many advantages over others. Despite this, many still complain about the sometimes poor performance of Google Chrome.

How to Make Google Chrome 2020 Faster

How to Make Google Chrome 2020 Faster

How to Speed up Google Chrome or Make Google Chrome Faster

The Google Chrome browser stores a number of secret features that users can search for and customize. One of them is the function to speed up the browser. How to speed up the work of Google Chrome 2020, so it was 10 times faster than usual?

When you first use Google Chrome, we will see a very high browsing speed, but if we continue to use Google Chrome, for some reason the performance will decrease. so there are many tips and tricks to speed up the performance of Google Chrome. Google Chrome can be configured for faster and easier browsing by setting some of the options that will be given in this article.

Here are some simple tips to speed up the latest version of Google Chrome:

1. Always update Chrome to the latest version

Google always makes improvements and improves performance in every latest version of Chrome, so make sure you always update Chrome so that its availability is fast. Google Chrome already has an auto-update feature if new updates are available.

Download Google Chrome 2020 Latest Version

2. Activate pre-loading the page

Do you know whether this preload page has many unique advantages, one of which allows the browser to guess which pages of the website you will open. Then this function will use the cache to speed up the browser.

3. Clear cache and view data

The cache and data are saved automatically so that users can quickly access sites that have been visited before, but if the cache and data accumulate later, it will also reduce the speed of browsing and browsing in Google Chrome to anticipate the need to regularly delete the cache and data.

4. Delete temporary Internet files

Delete temporary Internet files

Delete temporary Internet files

This method is designed to ensure that when you open and browse the Internet performance was lower and did not lag when using many browser tabs, as other browsers and Google Chrome itself.

5. Disable or remove extensions that you no longer need

Extensions can really help you in browsing. But there are times when extensions can slow down Google Chrome. Although the extension you choose may be small, it will still have an effect. Disabling or removing unnecessary extensions can speed up Google Chrome.

6. Minimize the use of many tabs

Tips that are equally important to keep the browser you open from running slowly minimizes the number of tabs open. The reason is very reasonable because with a lot of tabs open, the more resource used by Chrome will be even bigger.

These are six ways to speed up Google Chrome or How to Make Google Chrome 2020 Faster , which are very convenient for beginners.

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